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Sushi and pregnancy

Sushi and pregnancy


When we talk about raw fish and pregnancy, many doubts arise in this regard, which is why we would like to talk about how to enjoy Japanese cuisine without having to give up the habit of ordering sushi at home in this period in which prenatal health is a priority.

The first thing we think of when we talk about raw fish and seafood is the anisakis. This parasite, so popular today, can cause severe gastroenteritis and allergic reactions. However, it cannot survive extreme heat or cold. At Nomomoto, and following European health legislation, we subject fish and shellfish to low temperatures for at least 48 hours after cleaning and cutting to avoid food poisoning. For this reason, especially when we talk about raw fish, it is a priority that you choose the highest quality and confidence so that you can eat with complete peace of mind, especially if you are pregnant or nursing.

Fish is one of the key ingredients when we talk about sushi, although we must not forget the seasonings and accompaniments used for its preparation. Another food that can generate some controversy when we talk about pregnancy is cheese. In our kitchen, we exclusively use pasteurized cheeses to avoid infections caused by listeria, a bacteria that can appear in cheeses made with raw milk. Don't miss out, pregnant or not, delicacies like brie nigiri or our new uramaki truffle cream cheese.

Finally, whether you are pregnant or have any allergies or food intolerances, we advise you to notify us in the comments of your order and we will pay even more attention to ensure that the preparation of your sushi at home is optimal. Choose restaurants where hygiene and product quality are top priority. If you want to know how we prepare your favorite makis and nigiris and enjoy an authentic gastronomic show at the same time, come and see it in situ in our open kitchen at Ronda General Mitre 1.

And if despite all the protocols our raw materials go through, you are still worried about the idea of ​​consuming certain foods during pregnancy, we make it easy for you! You also have a wide range of vegetarian sushi or sushi made from cooked ingredients such as eel nigiri or ebi no tempura maki as well as all our diversity of hot dishes. You can see all our variety on the menu so that your only concern is the time and place to enjoy your favorite Japanese.

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