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Japanese food and celiac disease

Japanese food and celiac disease


Japanese gastronomy was a practically unknown diet until relatively few years ago. However, it seems that what was sensed as a passing trend has become an established culinary habit. Something relatively similar also happens when we refer to celiac disease. And it is that the allergy to this protein that is in the seed of many cereals, seemed something very exceptional but every day it is more common in today's society.

One of the main concerns of people with celiac disease is to know if they will have options when it comes to eating out, both in restaurants and when placing a delivery or take away order. The controversy increases, in addition, if we talk about Japanese gastronomy since we do not usually have enough knowledge of its combinations and dressings.

Does sushi contain gluten? Talking about Japanese food is intrinsically linked to talking about sushi. And the truth is that this preparation is based on ingredients such as rice, vegetables and fish or seafood. Its ingredients don't seem to indicate the presence of gluten, right? But the reality is that rice vinegar is used among other ingredients in the preparation of sushi rice. In some cases this vinegar may contain gluten. That's why, at Nomomoto, we season our sushi rice with rice vinegar that is free from traces of gluten.

So ... is all Nomomoto sushi suitable for coeliacs? It depends. That will depend on the ingredients you choose. Sushi made with tempuras or other products derived from wheat would not be suitable to be consumed by all those who follow a strict gluten-free diet.

And what about our sauces? Our soy preparations are prepared with tamari, gluten-free soy suitable for coeliacs. So you can consume all soy-based sauces without any worries such as the sauces that accompany salmon tartare or tuna tataki. In addition, at the end of the order, in the part where you select the accessories to accompany your favorite sushi, you can select both standard soybeans and gluten-free soybeans.

What about our drinks? Usually the drinks are gluten free except beer! And it is that beer pairs fantastically with sushi as it is a drink with bubbles. Helps cleanse the palate between maki and maki and enhance the flavors of the fish. That is why we have Estrella Daura, the special beer for celiacs and of course, its 0.0% version, the FreeDamm.

What about our desserts? The best for the end. Most of our desserts are suitable for celiacs! Check our allergen letter or call us if you have any specific questions. Delight yourself with our variety of gluten-free mochis or our homemade ice creams. We especially recommend the green tea mochi, a classic when it comes to Japanese desserts. Although if what you want is to innovate in the range of Japanese desserts you cannot miss the taro ice cream, the taste of this delicious Asian tuber will not leave you indifferent.

Finally, we recommend that whether you have celiac disease or any other food intolerance with any food or dressing, do not forget to tell us when ordering sushi at home to take extreme precautions and that you can enjoy your favorite Japanese without leaving home .

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