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How we prepare our sushi? - Nomomoto sushi preparation processes

How we prepare our sushi? - Nomomoto sushi preparation processes


During the state of alarm produced as a result of COVID-19, we decided to temporarily close our kitchens for social responsibility and for the safety of our workers and our customers. During this temporary closure, we were able to prepare ourselves to address the new sanitary measures in a premeditated manner and thus be able to reopen with maximum safety without sacrificing the quality that characterizes us. However, it is important to note that there are processes of our production that have remained intact and that have always been prepared under very strict hygiene conditions to guarantee the maximum safety of your Japanese restaurant-delivery.

For this reason, we wanted to highlight the processes that our raw materials follow from the moment we receive them in our kitchens until they arrive at your home, your office or wherever you prefer!

Selection of suppliers: Our raw materials go through strict quality controls. We only work with suppliers who guarantee the traceability of the product before it reaches our kitchens. In the search for the supply of raw materials there are also other factors that we constantly pursue, such as the proximity and seasonal product and the minimum impact on the environment, especially on the seabed.

Raw material: When we think of Japanese gastronomy, it is inevitable to think of raw fish. Health legislation regarding raw fish is clear: restaurants are obliged to freeze all raw or undercooked fish at -20º for a minimum of 24 hours. Did you know that our fish and shellfish are frozen at -60º after cleaning and cutting? Without exceptions!

Safe production: The reality is that at Nomomoto we already followed very strict cleaning and hygiene protocols before COVID-19 appeared, as corroborated by the internal health checks that we have always applied. However, the pandemic has increased awareness of how important hygiene is in the food and restaurant sector.

Cold and heat chain: Due to the fact that our restaurants work with a very high quantity of fish, our kitchens have specialized refrigeration facilities that control the temperature of the fish throughout the sushi-making process. Keeping the cold chain intact is essential to avoid the degradation of the properties of sushi.

Recipes adapted to transport: The dishes and dressings that you can see in our menu are prepared by the executive chef of Grupo Nomo Naoyuki Haginoya, specially designed to maintain the conditions of transport and maintain the aesthetics and quality of the raw material optimally.

Transport: In the event that you select your order at home, we distribute your favorite sushi in bags adapted to the European health regulations for transporting food, separating the cold product from the hot product and always using thermal bags that keep your dishes in excellent condition. And, last but not least, when you order through our website, we take our orders one by one to guarantee the minimum time from our kitchen to your home and make sure that you receive a fresh product, freshly made and in a short time. in the comfort of a click.

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