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How to eat sushi like a real Japanese?

How to eat sushi like a real Japanese?


Japan is a country with deeply rooted culinary traditions and its gastronomy abounds with formalities and protocols. In its culinary culture, great importance is attached to details: especially everything related to raw materials. Its origin is carefully taken care of, it is treated delicately until it reaches your plate and once there it even has a regulation regarding its placement.

If you want to know more about the etiquette rules of the most popular sushi in your home delivery, watch out! We show you how to function like a native Japanese with its most international dish.

Use your hands! Using your fingers to eat sushi is totally accepted according to Japanese protocol. Your hands will become your allies when it comes to eating nigiri with total elegance without losing consistency. Of course, always very clean.

Respect the rice: If you dip the rice in soy sauce, you question the technique of the sushi masters. A technique that takes years to perfect and is carefully cared for. It is better to gently wet the fish - turning the nigiri - without soaking the rice as it can crumble when it gets too wet.

One Bite: Sushi is served in portions to be ideally eaten in a single bite. It is designed like this so that you can enjoy all the flavors together.

The dressings, when they touch: Subtly dip the fish in the soy sauce so that it adds a touch of flavor without becoming the main flavor. Wasabi is the ideal condiment for fish, it gives it a very characteristic spicy touch. Of course: do not dilute it in the soy bowl as it is a rude gesture.

On the other hand, the function of ginger is not to accompany the fish but to clean the palate between piece and piece so that the flavors do not interfere with each other.

When you place your order in Nomomoto, you can add for free the amount of accessories you want to receive so that you can enjoy according to your preferences.

Share with caution: If you share a sushi tray, and more in these times, the most hygienic way is to use the back of the chopsticks to select your pieces and thus avoid contact between your mouth and the common tray.

How to use chopsticks: Chopsticks or hashi do not need to be sharpened to remove splinters. This gesture, harmless to our perception, is very frowned upon by the Japanese. Hold one toothpick firmly under your thumb and hold the second one between your thumb and forefinger. Move this second toothpick up and down and it will be your help to grab the pieces of sushi, noodles or any delicacy from our menu.

In the land of the rising sun, chopsticks are another utensil not only when it comes to eating but also when it comes to cooking as they provide great grip precision. In Japan, they are also used for tasks such as whipping eggs, making tempuras, and so on.

Communicate with the chopsticks: Chopsticks can also be used to indicate if you are satisfied at mealtime: place them on the bowl of soybeans if you have finished.

If you are not going to use them for a moment, place them together - never crossed - using a chopstick rest or hashioki, the plate or you can even improvise a chopstick rest by folding the cover in which we serve them.

Although if chopsticks are not your thing, you can always include kids chopsticks in your order, a special support for your chopsticks that will allow you to grab the pieces with total ease.

Now that you know more about the protocol code on the table, what are you waiting for to put it to the test? Place your order here and take your palate straight to Japan.

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