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Beyond sushi, discover Nomomoto's hot dishes

Beyond sushi, discover Nomomoto's hot dishes


What is Japanese gastronomy for you? When we think of Japanese dishes, we immediately think of sushi. And it is that this preparation based on vinegary rice and fresh products such as fish and seafood wrapped in nori seaweed is undoubtedly the most international Japanese dish. However, gastronomy in the land of the rising sun goes far beyond sushi and raw fish.

 Japanese cuisine is characterized by the seasonality of its products, the quality of the raw materials and the presentation of the dishes. These three elements are part of our philosophy and we reflect it in every detail of your order: from preparing a recipe until the order arrives at home, at the office or wherever you indicate. Likewise, in the Japanese culinary art, highly influenced by both Western and Asian gastronomy, soups, stews and dishes based on noodles or rice abound.

- Sukiyaki: Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish of the Nabemono style, a term that refers to all varieties of Japanese stews. This traditional recipe consists of meat simmered along with vegetables, although there are many versions depending on the region and dietary preferences. At Nomomoto, we have reinvented this dish in a more agile version for your home delivery: in the form of a croquette. Don't miss out on our handmade oxtail croquette sukiyaki, a delight suitable for all ages.

- Edamame: The most versatile snack. Edamame are soy beans that are harvested before ripening and are traditionally served steamed with salt. However, the ways to prepare it are practically innumerable: don't miss the spicy edamame and the truffled edamame, great protagonists in our starter menu.

- Miso-shiru: Without a doubt, a classic. This soup is the essential accompaniment to any meal in the Japanese diet. At Nomomoto, we make it with miso paste, tofu, kombu seaweed, and wakame seaweed. It is the essential starter in your order!

- Gyozas: Steamed, grilled, boiled, fried, in the form of soup or prepared in a steamed case. These Japanese dumplings are irresistible and allow endless combinations inside.

- Yakisoba: The favorite for children! This dish is about grilled noodles sautéed with al dente vegetables and a soy-based sauce with a characteristic sweet touch. You can enjoy them at home in their vegetable version, the classic yakisoba. Or try the Omu-yakisoba, noodles with meat and vegetables covered by a sack of tortilla. Or, dare to try the Ebi-yakisoba, recently added to our menu, the sea version: with prawns and shrimp from Cádiz.

Enjoy, by ordering through our website, other typical Japanese dishes such as yakimeshi, tori-no-karaage or panko-based tempuras and batters in the comfort of your home. What is your essential in your order at Nomomoto? We offer you an extensive menu so that you can delight your palate with the most traditional Japanese delicacies just a click from your home.

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