The 8 choicest seafood used in Nomomoto's Japanese specialties

The 8 choicest seafood used in Nomomoto's Japanese specialties


At Nomomoto, we want to order at home is a simple and quality experience, that's why we offer you a wide variety of Japanese dishes with a western touch so that you can enjoy them in the comfort of your home. We work with the highest quality raw materials to form the perfect tandem together with the elaborations of our chefs.


Next, we present you the finest seafood used in our premises so that you can limit yourself to enjoying these gastronomic delights at home:


Bluefin tuna: this gastronomic treasure comes from the Mediterranean Sea and is caught following sustainable harvesting techniques. It is characteristic for its rosy color, its flavor and its versatility in the kitchen.


Bull: or tuna belly, it is the fattest and also tastiest part of bluefin tuna, with a characteristic veining: undoubtedly the preferred by the most gourmets. We recommend that you especially enjoy them in a nigiri, soba or poké version.


Alaska salmon: from sustainable Alaska fishing, it is characterized by its lean meat, its reddish tone and its exceptional flavor.


Norwegian salmon: from sustainable aquaculture in Norway, it has now become the most popular side dish in the land of the rising sun. We encourage you to try the uramaki salmon roll, which combines the two varieties of salmon on the menu.


Butter fish: this fatty fish has become an essential in our menu: you will find it flambéed and accompanied by black truffle to give a touch to its neutral flavor.


Hokkaido scallop: on the island of Hokkaido, in a very generous region for fishing in Japan, you will find this gastronomic delight with a flavor and texture very different from the scallop we are used to.


Ebro Delta eel: or also known as unagi, the Ebro delta eel, is stewed over low heat, flamed and finally accompanied by a thick soy-based sauce.


Galician sea urchin: or also known as uni, this seasonal seafood is booming today due to its powerful flavor that gives our palate a unique taste of the sea. Enjoy it at home in a gunkan version or in its pure state, in a tartar version.


Respect and defense of the environment defines a large part of our identity, that is why we only work with suppliers that guarantee the least impact on marine ecosystems. Enjoy our variety, in its raw or aburi version, flamed, to enjoy all the nuances of fish to take away and at home.